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Teacher Grants

These grants provide funding for innovative and creative projects that cannot be funded through the available school budget. Grants are awarded each semester to teachers in the Warrick Co. School Corporation. Since the inception of the Education Grants in 1992, the WPEF has awarded over $300,000 in grants to Warrick County teachers. Grants awarded in October and February of each school year.  Grant submissions open in September and January of each school year.

Education Grant Request Instructions

The Warrick Public Education Foundation (WPEF) operates as a philanthropic organization to enhance education by supporting imaginative programs and projects. It is a non-profit, broadly based partnership in education established to encourage, promote and assist educational excellence in the Warrick County School Corporation.  Unfortunately every grant submitted cannot be awarded.  The Board does consider each grant and its individual merit based on the time it is submitted and in accordance with all other grants submitted in the same time period.  A grant honored in one time period may not be honored in another, based on the merit of all grants submitted during that time period.

Grant Eligibility

Education Grants are awarded to teachers to fund activities that enhance and improve the learning experience of their students. Every teacher in the Warrick County School Corporation is eligible to apply for an Education Grant.

Grant Guidelines

Please note that these are only guidelines and are intended to assist you in structuring your grant request.

  • Requests should impact the maximum number of students and, if possible, over multiple semesters
  • Other sources of income such as PTO monies should be investigated before applying for a grant
  • Requests should be innovative and creative and complement classroom activities
  • Requests should enhance the educational and curricular objectives of the WCSC
  • Requests should be clearly stated and examples of programs or equipment should be provided
  • Requests for equipment should be limited to items that the school does not normally provide
  • Requests for food and food items will generally be denied
  • Requests for transportation will generally be denied or limited
  • Requests for items of personal use will be denied
  • Requests for reading periodicals and books will generally be denied or limited
  • Requests for classroom furniture type items will generally be denied
  • Grants must be used during the awarded school year or must be forfeited and returned



Examples of Approved Grants

  • Creating Macromolecules – Learning how biomolecules are formed.
  • Let’s Get Buggy – Is a study of the life cycle of Insects
  • International Day 2017 – Exposing 4th grade students to experience a “field trip excursion around the world” includes Language, World Religion, Social Studies, Business Accounting, and Family & Consumer Science.

Size of Grants

Grants are awarded in amounts from $100 to $1000. The maximum awarded to a teacher for an individual grant request generally will not exceed $500. The maximum value of grants awarded to an individual teacher during a school year generally will not exceed $1,000.

Grant Review

All grant requests are reviewed by the Grant Evaluation Committee of the WPEF Board and then approved by the full board of the WPEF.

Grant Request Timetable

Grants requests for the fall semester must be submitted by October 1st . Grant requests for the spring semester must be submitted by January 31.

Grant Awards

Grants for the fall semester will be awarded by October 31st. Grants for the spring semester will be awarded by February 28th.  Everyone that submits a grant application, will get notification back from the Grant Evaluation Committee, on the status of his or her request.

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