Auditorium Seat Dedication Program

Which of the following apply to you: I have watched one or more of my children, grandchildren, school students, friend’s child, friend’s grandchild, friends in a choir concert, band concert, play, and/or musical in the Castle, Boonville, and/or Tecumseh high school auditorium(s).

Or, perhaps for you it was a matter of sitting in one of the Warrick County’s three high school auditoriums to watch and enjoy the many talented Warrick County and tri-state area students.

Or, perhaps you have never sat in a Warrick County high school auditorium, but you understand the value of supporting education and the arts.

Whatever the reason(s), would you take this opportunity to financially support the Warrick Public Education Foundation, and ultimately the students and teachers of Warrick County? In return for your financial support, the name(s) of your choice will be professionally engraved on a 1” x 3” metal plate that will be permanently attached to and displayed on the back of the seat of your choice.


  • For a Christmas Gift
  • For a Graduation Gift
  • To leave a legacy for yourself, your child, your grandchild or a special person that has been involved with any group that has utilized your school’s auditorium
  • For anyone that has been involved with the Summer Musical Program

The contributions from the plates are shared equally with the respective school to be used for projects within its auditorium.